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Effective Strategies and Intervention in SEMH

Effective Strategies and Intervention in SEMH

Hosted by L.E.A.D Equate Teaching School Alliance, Effective Strategies & Intervention in SEMH is a 5 session training programme, which focuses on four core components of SEMH within education, incorporating a gap task and final evaluation session. Aimed specifically at TA’s and 1:1 Teaching Assistants, enhancing their ability to support challenging pupils to fully meet their needs.


Session 1: Understanding and Identifying SEMH
• What is SEMH and how does it impact upon the world of education.

Session 2: Anxiety, attachment and disorders associated with SEMH
• Growing numbers of pupils have significant challenges surrounding attachment.Why is this? What can be done to support these challenges in a school setting?

Session 3: Primary Domains of Impairment
• Is this fully understood by all staff within your setting? How does this impact upon pupils and the way in which they present on a day to day basis?

Session 4: Perspectives, Approaches and Strategies
• Which strategies do you use within your setting? Do you want to add to this repertoire of strategies with challenging pupils?

Session 5: SEMH Gap Task Review
• Has the previous 4 sessions had a significant impact upon the behaviour and outcomes for specific pupils? What are the next steps?


Session Date Time Location
Session 1 4th December 9.30am-3pm Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln
Session 2 2nd February 2021 9.30am-3pm Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln
Session 3 9th March 2021 9.30am-3pm Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln
Session 4 4th May 2021 9.30am-3pm Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln
Session 5 15th June 2021 9.30am-3pm Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln


Book your place by contacting L.E.A.D Equate TSA at:
0115 822 5440 / 01522 681892

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Exposure to new experiences, venture and skills are essential to develop a young person’s confidence and desire to learn

An educational environment should be inviting and a place in which young people want to be because it meets their needs and their interests

Innovative without the prescription of linear education

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We will not only inspire young people but also the teachers and professionals involved

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