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'Circle of Friends' Training

'Circle of Friends' Training


Circle of Friends, sometimes known as Circle of Support, is a powerful tool for inclusion and works by developing a support network around individuals in the school community who are experiencing social difficulties often due to a specific disability, differences or behaviours. 


Course Content


  • How best to support a child or young person who is isolated by their externalised behaviours such as aggression and anger, through being different, disabled or new to the school or community?
  • To increase the level of acceptance and inclusion of pupils who are currently deemed to be excluded from the peer group
  • Develop a sense of community in the class and the school
  • How can we help some children be friends?
  • Practical Implementation of the 'Circle of Friends'
  • How to build a support framework around challenging students through use of peer support



Our Principles

Every individual should be continually encouraged to develop and succeed by uncovering their abilities and talents

Exposure to new experiences, venture and skills are essential to develop a young person’s confidence and desire to learn

An educational environment should be inviting and a place in which young people want to be because it meets their needs and their interests

Innovative without the prescription of linear education

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We will not only inspire young people but also the teachers and professionals involved

There is a need to promote a healthy diet and healthy, balanced lifestyle