Panchamahabhuta refers to the five great elements present in nature: Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu), and Space (Aakash). These elements are also present in our bodies and have their unique attributes.

In combination they form the three doshas; Vata ( a combination of Air and Space), Pitta ( a combination of Water and Fire), and Kapha ( a combination of Water and Earth), that run throughout our body.


The Earth element helps develop the bones, and flesh in the body. It gives a sense of grounding and stability. It constitutes the minerals that are present in the body and calms excessive air, while restoring balance within the body-mind-spirit complex. However, the excess of earth element tends to bring lethargy, or heaviness and could develop into health issues related to weight gain, excessively heavy bones, obesity or formation of kidney or gall bladder stones.  


The Water element brings softness and suppleness within the body. It makes for 70 % of the body and is the prime element responsible for the formation of 'Rasa Dhatu'. This is the first Dhatu that is composed of the plasma and lymph. Its innate quality of fluidity brings strength and flexibility within the body. It also constitutes for our emotional being.

Akin to the way the water flows consistently, our feelings and sensations flow through our body perpetually. If, and when, we try to hold on to them, they could stagnate and develop into illnesses. Water also helps flush out excessive toxins from the body via different excretion processes of the passing the urine, stool, and perspiration. Its presence in the body in optimum quantity is required for smooth functioning of the kidneys and liver, maintaining flexibility in the joints, maintaining skin health and supporting good mental health. 


The Fire element is responsible for any kind of metabolic activity and digestive activity that takes place within the body. It is hot, dynamic, and light in nature. These qualities assist in several kinds of transformation processes such as digesting the food that we intake, along with our thoughts and life experiences. Fire constitutes the main element in the composition of Pitta dosha, and the Jatharagni’, the digestive fire.


The Air element helps in movement of any kind within the body. It is mobile and dynamic, and provides a sense of lightness and gives way to creativity, and spirituality. Air composes the Vata dosha. It is responsible for the wake of fire within the body, and helps with all mobilisation and excretion processes. Maintaining the balance of air element within the body brings swiftness, and lightness in the body. However, excess air could lead to confusion and instability.


Space is emptiness and limitlessness. It is the distance between two elements, and allows for a healthy functioning of the body, mind and soul, and the interaction between them. It is the most subtle of all elements, and is also known as 'Ether'. It induces relaxation, calmness within the body, and a state of no mind.    


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