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Personalised, professional and affordable Ayurvedic consultation for all health issues. Book an appointment with an Ayurvedic Doctor, Nutritionist or a Dietician right away!

Holistic Approach

BA Clinics' holistic approach towards treatment views each individual as a unique whole, promoting overall well-being of the individual; while treating the root cause of health issues and not merely the symptoms.

Personalized Treatment Plan

BA Clinics' Ayurvedic professionals focus on each individuals’ unique body-mind constitution, and tailor design the treatments as per each patients’ specific health needs and requirements.

Convenient and Affordable

BA Clinics' consultation is accessible from the comfort of home from any part of the world via tele & video call. One has access to seasoned and affordable consultation from an experienced and reliable set of experts.

Holistic Approach

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Nadi Parikshan (नाडी-परीक्षण)

Nadi Parikshan, an ancient diagnostic technique rooted in Ayurveda, delves deep into the subtle energies that flow within our bodies. This holistic approach recognizes that each individual possesses a unique balance of doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By assessing the pulse rhythm, quality, and various other  attributes, an Ayurvedic practitioner can uncover the underlying imbalances and disharmonies within the individual body.

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