Ayurvedic Medicines

Herbal extract capsules, decoction based syrups, skin care gel

Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Supplements

We have strategic partnerships with multiple GMP certified units that allow us to carry out our manufacturing of syrups, capsules, gels and other innovative products. We have a cutting-edge research facility that is involved in new product development following authentic research and development methodologies to build optimum quality and effective products. We do this for third parties as well.

Our own syrup making process follows a traditionally verified method known as the decoction based method. This is an age-old method that involves soaking of the herbs in water, and brewing them like a ‘kadha’ for an allotted period of time to extract their medicinal properties, and develop it into a concoction that is truly effective. All our syrups are developed using this method.

Strategic Partnerships for New Product Development and Third-party Manufacturing

Be it developing herbal powder, extract-based capsules, Ayurvedic syrups, creating a new formula, or developing a customized tea blend, we offer it all.

Here are some of the new product development opportunities we offer:

  • Product development of known composition will include the formulation, along with usage.
  • Proprietary Product development with new composition and dosage, tailor-made dosage form (supported by innovation/ literature and rigorous R&D).
  • New Product Development of Ayurvedic Medicines / Herbal Nutraceutical / Health supplements - fortified with minerals & vitamins.
  • Product Development & optimization at lab level / Pilot scale - optimize the ratio, relevance, compatibility of ingredients, additives, preservatives, safety compliance, and efficacy proof of a given or already developed formula.
  • Product Upscaling: Developing or manufacturing the product at a large scale or commercial scale.

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